​Photo by Samuel Black

How did you get into acting? 

I started training very young & had my first professional role at 8 years old , so performing has always been a part of my life - I moved to London to study full time at 16 & booked my first west end show straight out of drama school , I’ve been extremely lucky to have been working ever since. There is nothing else I enjoy more than telling a good story. 


What is the best and worst part of being an actor?

I feel that I am constantly learning with my job , whether it is learning a new skill for a role or getting to travel to different locations around the world & experience different cultures , it is never boring. The worst part is also the best part - the unknown - it is important for me to keep stable in my personal life as the industry does not often offer much stability!  


You have done a mixture of work on TV and theatre what do you prefer?

I love both & to me they are two separate sides of the same coin , I find theatre more physically demanding in practice , it requires stamina & a lot of energy. Television work can be more mentally challenging with long days , lots of waiting around , so being able to snap in & out of character & staying mentally alert for longer periods of time. I like the relaxed nature of being on a set , but having reactions from a live audience is pretty exciting.


You are currently performing in Priscilla how did you get the part? 

I have met for the role numerous times over the past ten years ever since the original run at the palace theatre in London , but I was never quite ready & timings didn’t always work out , so when I got the call it was happening again , I had a feeling it may be my time . I read with Jason Donovan in the casting & we had a great time , I felt I knew the role well & could bring something different to it & I think the creative team felt the same. 

 Tell us about the part you are playing? 

Adam is an interesting character , on paper he can seem pretty nasty , so it was important for me to pull to the surface the broken lost boy underneath the camp quips . He isn’t mean , just defensive & trying to survive in a world in which he is a minority. We see him at the beginning of the piece in kind of a blissful ignorance & as the journey moves forward his barriers break down & he unexpectedly finds out who he really is & what he is searching for , which I think ultimately is a family & to be loved & accepted. 

Did you watch the film before you took the part? 

I have always been a fan of the movie - Guy Pearce is a fantastic actor - rehearsing Adam for me was a balance, working with our amazing director Ian Talbot OBE to figure out who this kid is & what he wants but also paying homage to the movie & Guy Pearce’s wonderful work. Often times I would go back & watch after working with Ian & it seemed we had come to the same conclusion on how to play the scene as Guy did in the movie - I think that is the sign of great writing. 

What would be your dream role? 

It’s less dream roles nowadays & more a hit list of directors I would like to work with , Marianne Elliot ,Stephen Daldry - in film I’m a huge fan of Jane Campion & Lynne Ramsay - I also love developing new work & am a huge Shakespeare fan, so to work at The National Theatre or with the RSC are dreams of mine. 



When you are not on stage or on TV what do you like to do? 

I spend most of my free time by the sea. The beach is my happy place. My family live down south on the coast so anytime I can get back to relax, I do. 


Plans for the next 12 months? 

I am in talks to shoot a sequel to our award winning LGBTQ+ short film ‘The definition of lonely’ directed & written by my good friend Leon Lopez & co starring Lucas Rush, we are hoping to get it off the ground early next year as it’s been on the cards for a while. We had such a good time making the first one & were all so surprised & warmed by the reaction & it’s success . 

You can watch the first part on YouTube now. Other than that it’s 8 shows a week of ‘Priscilla’ up and down the country which will keep me pretty busy till next May.