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Who comes up with the ideas for the TikTok clips?

We do lip sync videos, for the most part, and we find them by scrolling through TikTok just like everyone else. When we find a sound that makes us laugh, we save it and and do our own twist on it. Typically this includes a kid saying something funny and a parent reacting to it.


How did the Podcast come about?

We’ve done many podcast interviews over the last few years, and after a trip to New York City earlier this year (pre-pandemic times!) we decided it would be really fun to start our own. We had already begun recording episodes before the global pandemic hit, but when Shelter-in-Place orders went into effect last March, we decided it was a great time to launch.


You both talk very honestly about your lives does that come easy for you?

I think so. We are both really interested in self-improvement and we speak openly about seeing therapists to help us navigate our internal worlds. I think it’s this spirit of talk therapy that has made it easy for both of us to talk candidly about our experiences.


Question for Paul - How did the artwork start?

I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember. In college I studied English Literature, but painted in my free time. On a whim, I started selling my paintings at local art fairs and by the time I graduated with my degree, I was creating art full-time. I’ve been doing it ever since.


Question for Matthew - How is the music coming along?

Due to the pandemic, recording studios have been shut down and all of my live concerts and gigs have been cancelled. It has been a challenging year as a recording artist and performer, but I continue to play my violin at home and I am working on some new pieces!


How can people listen to your podcast?

You can find the “His and His” podcast everywhere you listen to podcasts! Just search “His and His” and you’ll find us there. We’ve also started a Patreon Page for our podcast where you can get access to weekly extended episodes and monthly bonus episodes.


How are you guys coping with COVID 19?

We are staying busy! We own and operate our businesses from home, so other than Matthew’s cancelled performances, much of what we do hasn’t changed. We keep our sanity by going for two daily walks together, and thankfully we have remained healthy throughout this crisis.


What places in the world would you still like to visit?

Matthew has long dreamed of visiting Antarctica, and Paul wants to spend a month traveling Europe to visit art museums. Neither of these trips are on the horizon, but we can certainly dream about them!


Plans for the next 12 months?

Given the state of the world, that’s a very good question! So much of the future feels uncertain, but you can bet we will be finding new and creative ways to share content with our fans and listeners.

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