We are caught up with Darren Edwards from Molly & Tommy to find out all about the gay clothing company

How did you come up with the name of the company? 

The names Molly & Tommy originated from the 18th century in England. They were the clandestine terms used to refer to homosexuals. It felt a fitting name for an openly gay clothing brand because prejudice still exists around the world.

What makes your company different to other clothing companies?

The main differentiation between my brand and other brands targeting the gay market is that we are not a closet retailer – we are proud to be an openly gay brand for the gay community. Our products also stand out as we use bright colours so people can feel proud wearing our community colours.

Your brand ambassador is Allan Jay, how did that come about?

I watched Allan performing at an event and he has a fantastic stage presence, voice and lots of energy. I felt he was the perfect brand ambassador for Molly & Tommy as, not only is he an LGBT recording artist, but he also performs at many Pride events which works well with the promotion of Molly & Tommy.

How is the company being affected by the Coronavirus? 

As we are an online based business, it has not affected us in the same way as with high street retail. Although, we did have many Pride events around Europe we were planning to work this year, which of course have all been cancelled or postponed. Also it is taking a lot longer for our orders to be shipped.

Are you looking for models? 

We are continually doing photoshoots for our online promotional images via Instagram @mollyandtommy.inc and Twitter @mollyandtomy1, so we are always looking for new models. We also work with many online influencers to promote the brand.

What are your plans for the next 12 months?

Since launching last year we have had an amazing time working with some great photographers, choreographers, models, porn stars, drag queens and influencers. And of course, the highlight was making a music video with Allan Jay for the re-release of his track “Almost in Heaven” with 6 amazing dancers who trained with the GMDC in London wearing  Molly & Tommy underwear that also featured Barcelona Drag queen Sagittaria.


Over the next year, we will be bringing out new designs for our t-shirts and tank tops; new styles and colours in underwear and a superb line of sexy, bright swimwear. We are still hoping to sponsor several Pride events this year and are waiting for the new dates to be announced. Already, the amazing Maspalomas Summer Pride in Gran Canaria has announced it will now take place in October at the Yumbo Centre, the large and unique gay complex. It is a difficult year for everyone so we will wait to see what happens, but we are optimistic many events will proceed at some point and that you will see us at them with Allan Jay performing on the main stage.


We are also excited to be working with Pride Radio as the underwear sponsor for Mr Gay England this year, so watch out for when this releases


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