How do you find your models?

I find them mainly on Instagram, Facebook, Grindr or I just talk to them on the beach or in the fitness and give them my card (that was before Corona)

Looking at your website and Instagram pictures your models are fully naked how easy it it to get models to do that?

 I'm always quite honest about my shoots, right from the beginning, so guys who reply are already aware that it is nude photography and they easily go naked in front of me - that is : in front of my camera ;)

We caught up with Chris (artemadore) for a chat about his work

How did you get into photography?

 I started in 2001 for a gay magazine Gaykust (but that magazine did not last long) - I could do a photo shoot for that magazine and one of the photos served to create a logo. I did not continue shooting right away. Was too soon because of other hobby-choices and then I started modelling myself for 9 years (drawing model mainly). Only in 2018 I wanted to make nice photos again, seeing all this beautiful potential models on Instagram and Facebook. And I wanted to meet new people. Above that, photography and making mysterious and artistic male nude work is very challenging.

How do models get in touch with you?

They send me a mail via the link on my site, or they dm me on Instagram mostly ... or sometimes a guy who is posing for me introduces another friend who "would be interested in a shoot"

When you are not doing photography what else do you like to do?

I like mountain bike, running, gardening and I have a massage practice besides my main job.

Is the coronavirus affecting your work?

Yes totally - all shootings are cancelled, luckily I already have a nice shoot archive (over 70 models now) in which I find every time again some beautiful discoveries - and I edit the photos more now then before by the way.

What are you plans for the next 12 months?

Start shooting again as soon as possible.

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