Introduce yourself

Hey we’re Callum & Cole both from Scotland

How did you meet?

We met when I (Callum) worked in a bar almost 2 years ago now. The first time I saw Cole walk down the stairs towards the bar I couldn’t take my eyes off him obviously I served him and gave him his drink for free & we got talking from there over the next few weeks he kept coming back to the bar. 

We talked more and more until we started hanging out at my work we went back to a few party’s together every moment we spent together the sexual tensions between was growing until one night outside my work when I was drinking on the job I’d just finished my shift and went outside to see Cole where he was smoking I don’t know what came over me but I pulled him into a doorway next to the pub and before I knew what was happening we started kissing & I grabbed his arse that btw felt amazing in the skinny jeans he had on, that night I went back to his parents house and we’ll guess the rest is history .....

How did you start the cam work?

We get asked a lot how we started doing cam work and the honest answer was just for fun there was no alternative motive than simply have fun with the possibility of making money we didn’t realise at that time how big of an industry the adult world actually was i think it’s fair to say from our first stream on Chaturbate we have been shown an amazing amount of support.  It became addictive so did the fun we were having together exploring this new world along with each other’s bodies.  The support we have been shown from our viewers & fans in the our first year of webcaming has been totally overwhelming we never imagined when we began that we would be crowned Prowlers European Best Cam Performers never mind even get nominated for an award but we can’t thank everybody enough who helped make this happen for us.

Congrats on your award at the Prowler awards how does it feel to win?

Just attending the event was amazing we had never been to or experienced anything like it before. We’re from a small city in Scotland where we don’t no anybody else in the same industry or who does anything similar so we only had each other for support but attending the Prowler awards was like entering a whole new world for us seeing so many people supporting each other in a judgemental free zone where everybody could express them self freely was amazing to be a part of along with having the chance to chat with fans and faces we recognised from our social platforms winning the award was just a bonus we will definitely be attending in again although the hangover was pretty rough.

When you are not doing the cam shows what do you two get up to?

We’re both pretty social people and both enjoy a lot of the same things travelling,eating  going out & clubbing is just a few of them so when we’re not caming we enjoy spending time with family,friends visiting new places& experiencing new things we both decided to try and make webcaming full time for us and so far it seems to be working we have a lot planned over the next coming months once we move into our new home so watch this space....

Do you want to move from cam shows to doing porn for a studio?

We have considered working with a studio to do a professional shoot & have been in talks with a few but we wouldn’t ever stop webcaming that’s what we enjoy non scripted real live sex streamed straight to our fans although if approached with the right scene it’s definitely something we would like consider.

Plans for the next 12 months?

Our plans over the next 12 month keep changing we have had our flat flooded twice this year which was a major set back for us destroying a lot of stuff in our house but in 2 weeks we finally move into our new house so we’re going to be pretty busy making that a home it has a more room for us to stream & make content which we are so exited for so I guess in a way over the next 12 month we just want to build on what we have focusing on our fans and creating the content want to see from us.