So tell us about the meaning behind the new single Work Ya Love?

The song i think is one we can all relate to, night one ... enjoying yourself and seeing that person across the room and in essence hoping its them you leave with .... catching there eye in the club , chatting at the bar and well 'Work ya love' with them. 

Its brilliant to be working with J Van Havenhand again on this and to be releasing with German Label DMN Records.

It was written by Jason Havenhand himself along with good friend and absolutely amazingly talented house diva herself Soraya Vivian. When i first heard the demo i new i wanted to record it. its a proper summer tune with a catchy chorus.

How can people buy the single?


The single is out on 3rd May and will be available on all digital platforms. Itunes, Google play , amazon , Juno ect can also check out DMN Records website

How is/was the adult panto? 

Fantastic as always. I feel very lucky. Brighton is my home from home and is very special to me. I have performed at many events, shows , gigs ect. Adult panto is a huge tradition for over 20 years ... i have been involved for the past 5 years ... 4 of which with the current producers ( Its a total laugh and quite naughty take on traditional panto which is off course brilliant for us adults!! Plans are underway for next years production which i hope i am part of. This year was extra special as after the first sat of the show my boyfriend came backstage and infront of the cast asked me to marry him..... can you believe it!!! So special as so many of the cast are very close friends that i have know for many years.

Summer is approaching and that means UK pride time - where are you going to be performing? 

Well its looking quite a busy summer lots of prides, festivals and off course Club gigs ... unfortunately a lot have not announced and so im not allowed to say however i can (as its been announced) Say that i will be on the Mainstage at Oban's first every pride event on May 18th 2019 which im thrilled to be part of and excited about. For the rest of the announcements please on follow me on FB @AllanJay Twitter:@AllanJay101 Inst: @AllanJay101 where i will be announcing lots of dates all across the UK where i will be performing and off course promoting my new single. 

Any holiday plans for 2019? 

Sadly not at the moment as i now have a wedding to plan LOL .... but hoping to grab a few days away.... hopefully a few days in between performing and promoting new single .....

We have launched out Have you got the balls campaign raising awareness of male cancer - when was the last time you checked yourself?

Its fantastic that you have launched this ... i would of loved to have been part of the campaign but i think it was a timing thing. So good to be raising awareness. 

i have to say by reading about the campaign it made me check myself so very recently but before that it had been sometime and it made me realise that i much do it way more often.

Other plans for the next 12 months?

There is more recording that i would like to do with some writers that i have worked with before, with it being first release through DMN Records we want to see how this single goes. A few other performing opportunities in pipeline to   .... but i will be performing all through the year and then hoping to end the year in traditional panto ... so fingers crossed for a very successful 2019!!!!